Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fun and affordable homemade dog toys

It is not recommended to leave toys unattended with your dog some dogs will consume things such as towels or plastic items which can prove to be a costly vet bill!!

Old clean socks / dish towels or rags (for bigger dogs a bath towel will work) take it and tie a knot or two and Voila! You have a tug toy Fido will love!
You can also add a squeaker found in the craft department of your favorite store and be place in the toe of the sock and tied off above it or re use the squeaker Fido extracted from one of his old toys and re use time and time again.

Another use for an old washed sock, snap a plump carrot in half, then put the carrot pieces into the sock. Tie the top of the sock in a knot.

Old rope or leashes with the snap hook cut off braided and tied off also a great tug
Tennis ball with a hole cut in either end and rope or old leash strung through

Empty water bottles stripes off labels and plastic ring, filled with Fido’s favorite kibble proves to be hours of entertainment

Cut up your leaky garden hose into 12” pieces great for fetch!
(Just be aware that your dog may start to view even non-leaky hoses as potential toys and may rip them apart).

Feel free to comment and share you homemade toy ideas!!

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