Thursday, December 9, 2010

Teaching old dogs new tricks

5 tips to house training an older dog: (this method works with puppies also they need to be taken out more frequently)
1. Select a spot where you want the dog to go potty (such as a small corner in the law). Use the exact same phrase, it will become a command (I use “hurry up”)
2. Use a deodorizing cleaning solution to eliminate odors that might stick to your floors and carpets. Dogs' sense of smell is very keen and the smell of urine or excrement in your house might make it think that it is the place to go potty.
3. Lessen your dog's food and water intake before it sleeps. This prevents accidents.
4. Keep your dog's sleeping area as tight as comfortably possible. Enough space for the dog to sleep and turn around.  Every morning, when the dog wakes up, take it to its regular potty place and give them the command.
5. Give a treat once the dog is done potting while you are still outside in his area and praise every time he eliminates outdoors.
You can also teach the dog to ring a bell to indicate needing to go out that blog it to follow stay tuned!!

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